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High Priority Marketing was founded in 2007 and has deep experience in Search Engine Marketing.

High Priority Marketing offers innovative solutions that work to jump-start your web site and get results today with state of the art Google Ads Management and other PPC Management Services.

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Qualified Traffic

Do you need qualified leads and an increase in web site traffic? We help get you the qualified traffic you are looking for to help boost your online sales and conversions.

Are you trying to reach your local market? Do you have a product with an international reach? We can assist you with local, national, international search and online marketing.

We can even help you target a particular language, city, country or region of the world.

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High Priority Marketing brings you over 17 years of online and offline marketing and sales experience.

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Paid Search Strategies and Solutions

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Qualified leads

Are you frustrated with your online efforts, paying for advertising and marketing that doesn't provide a great ROI?

We can help turnaround your online presence and put your web site to work. Let us show you how.

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It is vitally important that you reach your target audience through methods that they will appreciate and value.

In today's digital economy, inundating your target audience with advertisements and conventional marketing methods will have limited results (if any).



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You must get traffic to your site for your efforts to pay off. We specialize in getting you the traffic that will get you sales and leads.

We use state-of-the-art Pay-Per-Click (PPC) methods to increase relevant traffic to your site.

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D. Bellandi

 D. Bellandi 

 Founder and CEO

Bellandi Group 

I hired...High Priority Marketing, to do Google Adwords Management for a client of mine that was a large SAP distributor. Two other Adword Management Companies were
also initially hired and competition was openly encouraged.

Charles outperformed all other companies and his programs supplied a consistent flow of leads at a competitive price per lead. I highly recommend him.

Google Ads Management

Discover How To Get Qualified Leads Online and Increase Sales Today With Professional Google Ads Management.

Have you ever felt like your web site is a virtual storefront sitting in the middle of the desert with no one around?

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Many have covered the important task of getting their web site developed, up and running but the critical assignment of getting online qualified traffic and leads to their site is ignored or not understood.

High Priority Marketing offers strategies and solutions that work to get you results with state of the art Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services. We help get you the traffic and qualified leads you are looking for to help boost your online conversions.

PPC marketing can be a daunting and even perplexing task. Many have a hard time figuring out which keywords to use and why. We help take the mystery out of PPC marketing by helping you select the right keywords. We manage your PPC marketing efforts so you can get back to focusing on other important aspects of your business.

Charles Williams, our Senior PPC Management Consultant, is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has passed Google’s Advanced-level exam highlighting his competency in Google Search Marketing and therefore meeting Google’s requirements to attain recognition as Ads Search Certified. Charles can provide you with professional consultation and assistance with your Google Ads campaigns.

The virtual nature of PPC Management has allowed us to work seamlessly with customers from the nearby Denver Metro area to as far away as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Canada, and beyond.

We have managed campaigns for large companies with thousands of employees like SAP Global, and Accellos, to smaller businesses with only 1 employee.

Charles in front of Google Logo

Charles Williams at Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California

Our paid search services helps get you the visibility you want in search results in all the major search engines including: Google and Microsoft Advertising. We also help create and optimize your keyword lists and assist you in tracking the success of your paid search advertising campaigns.

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Dr. S. Willis Phd

 Dr. S. Willis, PhD 

 Licensed Psychologist 

One month into managing my own Adwords campaign, I knew I was in trouble. Either I was going to have to complete some serious coursework…or, what? My business was new and already taking more time than I had. It rapidly became apparent that the intricacies of the Adwords world were far greater than I could easily master. Lucky for me, I found Charles Williams at High Priority Marketing.

Charles quickly and expertly turned my online marketing around. During the first six months he managed my Adwords campaign, my monthly number of new client contacts grew exponentially, as did my profits. In addition, Charles has given me great guidance on other aspects of online marketing, even though he didn’t have to. His patience, responsiveness and positive approach have been delightful and inspiring. I’m so confident and happy with his results that I’ve already added on other HPM services, and plan to add even more.

Charles Williams at High Priority Marking has been a mighty factor in the strong upward revenue curve of my business. I couldn’t be happier with his work on my behalf.

  • Starter package
  • Pay per lead program
  • account rework and optimization

We realize you may be just starting out with PPC Marketing or have a low budget to begin with. We offer the following special package to get you started:

Our Starter Package has a one time set-up fee and an ongoing monthly campaign and management fee which includes set-up and management of your PPC campaigns on the various search engines which may include Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising depending on your particular market.

If you have been wanting to try this powerful advertising and marketing medium or are already running a small campaign this is a great opportunity to try this powerful service. Get A FREE Quote Today!

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

As always we guarantee your satisfaction. Our pricing strategies are performance based. Our continued success is based on getting your business results. Service with High Priority Marketing is always month to month. You may cancel your service at anytime after the first month.

*We hate spam as much as you do. Our qualified lead generating techniques are in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

For a limited time High Priority Marketing is offering a $500 Ads credit for new Google accounts. This provides an excellent opportunity to try our Google Ads Management services.